This week, we have been investigating the absorbency of household materials.

What is an absorbent material?

We made our prediction of which material would absorb the most liquid based on our prior knowledge. After making our prediction, we considered the independent and dependent variables of our investigation and discussed how to make our test fair.

After carrying out our investigation, we recorded our results.

Which material was the most absorbent? Why?


One of our English tasks this week was to imagine that we were Henry VIII or Queen Elizabeth 1.

Based on our research relating to Tudor illnesses and health, we wrote a speech advising people on how to stay healthy during the Tudor period.

We then made an announcement to our people about how to ensure good health; including carrying scent balls and magic stones.

Why did the Tudors carry these items?

Design and Technology

This week, we researched all about Tudor houses and found out what they were made from.

How were they decorated on the outside?

What were the strengths/weaknesses of Tudor houses?

We also developed a design criteria and used an exploded diagram in order to create and build a model of a Tudor house.


This week, we have been testing the strength of a variety of bags.

We discussed which material would make the strongest carrier bag and considered the variables we would need to change for this investigation. The investigation required us to use bags made out of plastic, paper and cardboard.

Which material proved the best for this investigation?

Our predictions were correct! The strong plastic bag made the best carrier bag.

If we were to carry out this investigation again, which material could we test and why?

World’s Largest Lesson

We have been learning what a Climate Activist is and have been beginning to understand which human activities are having an impact on the climate crisis.

We discovered that an Activist is someone who cares about specific issues and campaigns to highlight the issue or make more people aware of it.

Can you name any Activists?

We also investigated the changes that are happening to our planet and explored Google Earth Engine time-lapse to identify the impact of climate change around the world, including our own city.

Global goals address the global challenges we face, including climate change, environmental degradation and poverty.

How might climate change impact your rights?

To extend your learning, why not create your own Google Earth Tutorial/ fact file about different climate activists you have researched.

Fun with English

It has been wonderful to read about and learn our new suspense text this week.

We have interviewed the main character, Podkin, written letters describing events and our emotions and performed a drama piece based on our model text.